The Dijk Data Service Centrum is part of the FloodControl IJkdijk development programme. The objective for this programme is to continue to further develop dike monitoring systems. 

Besides the DDSC, the IJkdijk development programma contains:

  1. New validation tests – experiments to establish whether the various sensor systems can predict the failure of a dike and provide vital support for the management, testing and strengthening of dikes and for disaster management.
  2. Extension of LiveDijken (‘live dikes’) – equipping existing dikes with sensor systems to measure the actual strength of these dikes and avoid incurring unnecessary costs. Intended as an early warning for emergencies, as support for forecasting management and to produce a more accurate design
  3. Upscaling of the LiveDijken in size (from development setting to professional approach) – LiveDijk XL

More information on Stichting FloodControl IJkdijk can be found at

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