The Dike Data Service Centre (DDSC) is responsible for the manageable collection, storage, analysis and processing of sensor measurement information. This involves a large amount of data that has to be collected, stored and processed using a standardised procedure. The DDSC is managed by Het Waterschapshuis and Nelen & Schuurmans/Fugro. The DDSC system is built entirely of open source software and applies open standards for interfaces with other systems. Open source software can be extended and supplemented by everyone and can generally be used by everyone too. The Open Source Definition operated in this context is given at
The code for the DDSC is freely available and can be found at

Developments concerning the DDSC

One of the initiatives for the further development of the DDSC is an R&D project being jointly financed by the Province of Groningen. In this project Deltares, HKV, Target and TNO are conducting research, the results of which will be directly implemented by Stichting IJkdijk in the open source DDSC. This research is focusing primarily on:

  • Anomaly detection; a relatively new discipline that has certainly never previously been used for dike monitoring purposes. It involves establishing the normal behaviour of a dike and how departures from that normal behaviour can be identified.
  • Historical comparison: this involves comparing situations around dikes and the related sensor measurements. An important aspect of this is to describe the behaviour of dikes in time using a standardised procedure so that comparisons can be made.
  • Dike strength analysis: the existing expert models will need to be modified in order to make optimum use of the larger amount of information (sensor information about water tension, movement, temperature (course), camera images, etc.) for predicting the dike strength.

The community currently (consists of:

  • Het Waterschapshuis
  • TNO
  • Fugro GeoServices B.V.
  • Nelen & Schuurmans

The DDSC community exists alongside other communities such as the Lizard and Delft Fews community. Each community has its own goal and focus, but the idea is to work in close partnership.

Parties with something to contribute to the DDSC Open Source Community are emphatically invited to join. For this purpose, an email can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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